Avoiding MARGARET, choosing WAITRESS for Valentine’s Day

February 13, 2013 § Leave a comment

Courtesy of Virginia Opera. Photo by David A. Beloff.

Courtesy of Virginia Opera. Photo by David A. Beloff.

David Beloff- check him out at www.dabphotos.com, a photographer in Norfolk, VA, who takes really vibrant shots of things that otherwise need sound and motion, like bands and baritones and heated moments in theatre- he’s given me permission to add his shot of a tense moment in Virginia Opera’s production of The Valkyrie to my comments on the movie, MARGARET.

Just as I’d hesitate to step into flames, I hesitate to review MARGARET because it’s tough, like opera; and thick, like clotted blood; and not a very cheerful film.  But I love the photo.  Here it is, as a teaser.   He’s also got some quite nice ones of Dave Matthews on his site, for those of you who’d like to look… just thought I’d say…and Gene Simmons, for you true seventies groupies…but I digress.

To avoid reviewing MARGARET, I watched LITTLE BIRDS last night.  Argh.  Two deeply dark teenage angst films.  Much darker than Gene Simmons’ Demon.  Yes, that’s possible.  Extremely good movies, both.  Not happy.

But tomorrow is Valentine’s Day and I’m suggesting WAITRESS to all my friends.  220px-WaitressAbout pie and love.  There.  You’re forewarned.  Watch it and share your thoughts.  I’ll review it right away.  And save the tough stuff for a sunny day.  MARGARET and LITTLE BIRDS are not for the faint of heart, and definitely not for mothers who over-worry.  Which is a mother’s job.


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