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HERE IS the whole article, on the home site for

TANGERINE ENTERTAINMENT, a company recently begun by two WOMEN IN THE BIZtangerine to “change who is telling stories and what kind of stories are being told”:  Sundance 2013 | From the Field.

HERE’S THE QUOTE of note, from an interview a young reporter did with Jill Soloway, who’s got a recent film, AFTERNOON DELIGHT, to her credit

Jill Soloway fr.

Jill Soloway fr.


GL: Why do you think there are so few female filmmakers?

JS: Here’s my formula: Let’s say the world is divided 50/50 into men and women. Most of the men would say they feel compelled by ambition to make their mark in some way. Because a small but certain number of women find value in being a mom or by being connected to a powerful husband, you’d automatically reduce our women pool to 40%. Now: what kind of work? Directing is HARD work and it necessitates a drive and a connection to your ego where you feel compelled to be seen and heard. How many women in that remaining 40% would say that about themselves? Guessing VERY loosely, let’s say that brings us down to 20% of those women. Lastly, men have been writing and directing for so long that audiences are simply not used to what it feels like to sit in the shoes of a female protagonist and go on a journey with her. So the market for films with a female protagonist is smaller, and there is simply less money available to go around for that particular product. Now we’re down to 10%, which I think is the percentage of female directors in the DGA!

I’d like to add that emotionally, women feel less confident insisting that their vision is worthy. So I take every opportunity I get to remind women and girls to create, create, create, and do so KNOWING that questioning your  self-worth as you go along is a necessary and constant part of the journey.


Sundance Institute and Women in Film Release Unprecedented Study on Women Directors | Women and Hollywood

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Sundance Institute and Women in Film Release Unprecedented Study on Women Directors | Women and Hollywood.

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