Geena Davis recent interview, from Huffington Post, on her Thelma role

January 27, 2013 § Leave a comment

Geez, I swear I’m not stalking the woman.  But she’s integral to the conversation I’ve started, apparently.  She heads up the Geena Davis Institute on Gender in Media, which focuses on children’s media, and I was very interested in the whole article, but all you moms and aunts and friends of younger girls out there, have a look at this, from the Huffington Post article:

“An analysis of films and television shows conducted by Davis’ non-profit in 2008 found that 73 percent of characters with speaking roles were male. This means that the quality of the female characters is really important — especially for girls who might watch and try to emulate them.”

The whole article, written in September last year by Emma Gray, may be found at:

Interesting to know what the percentages are five years later.  ?????

Here’s an unofficial guess- my current favorite sit-com, Big Bang Theory, which I think started in 2008, stars two absolutely fabulous character actors, both men; two important but basically supporting characters, men; and one bang up incredible supporting character, a woman.  The show’s added several women through the years to change the quota, but still the mains are Sheldon, Leonard, the package deal Howard/Rajeesh Kuthrapali, and Penny.  One quarter percent.  Hm.  Wow.

Granted, I don’t watch Desperate Housewives.  Oh, man.  There’s another whole blog.


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