Portrayals of women in film- a laywoman’s POV

January 26, 2013 § 1 Comment


Portrayals of women in film?

I’m interested.  From a laywoman’s point of view, really.  Here is an odd assortment of films I’ve gathered to watch and comment on this snowy weekend, leading with, yep, maybe not the healthiest portrayal of women but dead on true, Thelma and Louise, in honor of one great Thelma and Louise fan, a really sharp and kind woman in the biz.  Thanks, Cindy, for positive guidance:

The Changeling, Salt, Laurel Canyon, Lost in Translation, Margaret, Pariah, Your Sister’s Sister, Melancholia, maybe a few of those Eclipse/Breaking Dawn ones if they show up on cable.  Just to remind myself I dodged a serious bullet not having daughters who would drool over vampires.  I admit thinking those flicks are sexy.  Enough said.

So, please send me suggestions.   Any genre, any decade.   I’m watching in my free time, typing away once the film’s swished around my head a few hours.  Then on to another.  You know women’s first impressions are always the truest.  I want not to cogitate too long.  A real audience doesn’t.  They go back to the 7-11 for another red box movie right then.


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