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January 30, 2013 § 2 Comments

photo-24A dear friend, one of the first I asked to watch this blog, pointed out that I needed a clear statement of intent.

I’ve invited only a few folks on here thus far, hello to each of you.   Please know that each of you has a very specific gift, skill, understanding of the topic, which I hope you’ll share here, discussing women’s portrayals in film.  Even if you aren’t one of us sick ones who hopes to actually write for or otherwise involve ourselves in the biz.  You are still integral to the thoughts.

My ultimate statement of intent is to learn to be positive through life’s ebbs and flows.  Live in the moment.  Be.  How that relates to lightscameraWOMEN?  In any moment, I’m a woman.  And many moments I spend being entertained by film.  It JARS ME OUT OF MY MOMENT when portrayals of women, except where actually called for in the characterization, present us in what I consider to be prehistoric ways.  Outdated, out-of-touch, those “REALLY?” women.

Huge case in point is a Bond woman in the Sean Connery days, god love him.  But I mean this blog not to waste time debating why men love to watch action flicks with a bikini clad woman thrown in once and women loved Steel Magnolias.

I bought a handful of purple tulips today.  They were fresh, cold, and clamped tight shut.  I clipped their ends, popped them into warm water, turned to another task.  Three minutes later, turning back, I was greeted by the lovely, almost open, shy blooming face of the tulip pictured here.  All it took was warmth.

My intention in this blog is to meet the questions of portrayals of women with warmth.  With a measured, honest and open mind; to frankly discuss what I think and, yes, FEEL, because I AM a woman, about what I see on film.

My hope is that the discussion will take off and maybe, in some not far off time, earn the attention of women who CAN influence film, and help them to do it.


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