Scant Progress for Women. Again?

January 16, 2014 § 1 Comment


fr. Julia and Meryl

The GOOD news is that “women of a certain age”- wow, doesn’t that sound like “they have zits but don’t mention it,” ARE being honored, and in record numbers, for their on-screen presence.   This from a 12 January article in the LA Times, by Lynn McPherson:

IT looks like a vintage year for film stars as the Golden Globes kick-off the awards season tonight.

The youngest of the five ­nominees for Best Actress in a Motion Picture Drama is Brit mum-of-three Kate Winslet, 38, followed by Cate Blanchett, 44, Sandra Bullock, 49, Emma Thompson, 54, and 79-year-old Judi Dench.

The women – nominated for Labor Day, Blue Jasmine, ­Gravity, Saving Mr Banks and Philomena respectively – are all previous ­winners of Globes and Oscars and have an average age of 52.

But read this from today’s LA Times:

Celluloid Ceiling Report: Scant progress for women behind film scenes –

Hm.  I’m sure it’s not a secret government plot to keep women in their places.  But what IS it?

Interestingly, this article mentions the growing percentages of women in charge on TV work.

And, depending on who you listen to, uh, well, ah… there’s some thought that TV’s becoming the audience “go-to” for decent stuff to watch.  Actors, writers, the works.  Flocking to it.  Yep.

Who knew?


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