And Then There’s BOND ca. 1977.  OMG.

June 12, 2013 § Leave a comment

Forget the ‘50’s (see earlier blog post.)  Things were barely better in 1979.  A Bond marathon was on TV last night.  We thought, at first, that’d be great fun.  Truth?  “Moonraker” merited maybe 14 minutes attention.  I walked in and out of the room a lot.  And I gotta mention the lady love interest’s name:  “Goodhead.”  Yeah, okay, we know, we know.  It’s a Bond.

After Bond raked space with a lot of bad acting, up cues Moonraker’s forerunner, “The Spy Who Loved Me,” 1977.

That’s the one with the Carly Simon theme song, “Nobody does it better….”  I admit to humming that one all the way through high-school.  What a great song.

But the movie?  Holy —-.  We switched to HGTV.  We watched people nail up prefab kitchen counters.  In Minnesota, I think.  The movie was that  bad.  What were they thinking?

Answer:  “feed ‘em another Bond.  It can’t fail.”

There is NO WAY real human folks watching that pap honestly wanted to watch THAT.  But this, remember, the 1970’s, was still the day of watchin’ ‘em once.  At the theatre.  And taking home only what your mind retained.  The boobage, more’n likely.

I wonder if movies today are more true to societal desires and psyches than they used to be simply because they’re instantly available and can be watched a hundred thousand times.


Let me leave you with this darling image.  Remember, Bond’s serious action adventure, not comedy.  Yeah, hit me with that whip there, big guy!  You go, baby.  I’m hearing Austin Powers somewhere under those skirts!




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