so, I Gratuitously posted… Who is Jennifer Siebel Newsom?

May 7, 2013 § Leave a comment

She’s a “filmmaker, speaker, actress, and advocate for women, girls and their families,” according to her home page, found at Jennifer Siebel Newsom – Home.

I needed a positive image with which to end my blog post last night, having used a shot of the fabulous Annette Benning, in character, pruning the devil out of red roses.  What a portrayal of woman-as-flower-gone-wrong; and wow, what a movie!  Bravo, AMERICAN BEAUTY.

But, I couldn’t end last night’s post, meant to offer readers visions of goodness and light and  the flood of women now coming into my life, with the image of her vicious little snippers and the warped world of a gruesomely doomed marriage.

So I googled “women directors” and found the heart stopping, sweet shot I used to end my post.  A mother reaching out for the little girl bounding her way.

I’ve been there.  I’ve felt that.  I wish there were pictures of me, just like that.

They’d sum up exactly how I feel, even as my children grow up and leave.  Like an ecstatic bug held still forever in warm, delicious amber, eternally anticipating, reaching out, for the pulsing, rushing, freely given love of my child.

I admit I didn’t do my research on Jennifer Siebel Newsom.  If you’re reading this, Jennifer, please accept both my apologies and my thanks.  What a great photo.

Today, I’m high from an inspiring event, just attended, about Women, for Women, a grassroots-community-and-college-based success story wherein some Tidewater, Virginia ladies twenty years ago realized that educating women, particularly those who otherwise had no higher education opportunities, would pay off exponentially through their children, their extended families and their willingness to give back ten fold themselves.

Those ladies twenty years ago established a Women’s Center on the community college level and today celebrated success stories far beyond their twenty years ago dream.  Check out, just for inspiration.

Siebel NewsomBut back to, “Thanks, Jenifer Siebel Newsom,” for her picture.  There.  I don’t feel so guilty now.


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