WOMEN comin’ out of the WOODWORK, and thank goodness!

May 6, 2013 § 1 Comment

Winter, for me, was truly dreadful this year.  I now know it because I’m living a comparison:  Spring has picked up pace, my moods have lightened exponentially, and WOMEN friends are coming out of the proverbial woodwork, vibrant with wonderful ideas, plans, schemes, suggestions, and simply support, all around me now.  Like buds breaking open, blooming. photo-41

Okay, yes.  I did it.  Women-as-flower metaphor.  Please don’t gag.  Look in the face of the next newborn baby girl you see and tell me we aren’t sent to earth just that.  Blooming flowers.

I tell my sons to treat me as a flower.  It infuriates them.  They know I’m more thorn than petunia, more oak tree than Lily-of -the -Valley.

Gosh, I love Lily-of-the-Valley.  It’s been a long time since I was so delicate.  Becoming woman takes the delicate out of you.

But it also forces the beauty into full flower.   For, instance:

Invited by one of these woodwork women, I’m actually driving an hour tomorrow morning, before human organisms should be required even to walk straight, much less operate heavy equipment, at zero-dark-thirty aka 6-ish, to attend a breakfast (as if my coffee right here at home isn’t good enough, and my warm bathrobe, and my bleary eyed, not a morning person ruse.)

It’s a NETWORK FOR EMPOWERING WOMEN STUDENTS event, plated breakfast served at 8am.  I can’t wait.  I feel included, and intrigued.

I type this as if I know anything about the event.  I’m not fully empowered myself.  I think that’s why the friend, herself a powerhouse, now retired, formerly Deputy Director of a renown Museum, invited me to bask in the reflected morning light of leading and leading-women-in-training.

And I’m excited.

Another woodwork, friend, a determined, amazing “cuss,” as my grandmother would say, meaning a real independent woman, constantly sends me great links online, like this:

Top Women’s Film Festivals | Raindance Film Festival.

Irritatingly, she’s also a gorgeous, blonde and vibrant yoga goddess.  Twist leg around head and touch toe to thigh, extend torso to sky.  Hold.  Don’t move.  Namaste.  That’s Stephanie.

photo-40I met her in France, during a seminar at a chateau, where I swear the ghosts of guillotined owners still sat, watching, from long undusted corners, and plumbing leaks leant atmosphere, and the air was crisp, and croissant appeared magically (there’s an early rising, attention deficit, willing-to-drive-to-the-bakery Californian in every crowd) each morning,  plated by 8am.  So, hey, who’s complaining, really.

This “amazing cuss” of a woman knows more about the exhausting world of social media

yep, you guessed it- from MEAN GIRLS www.thenews.org

yep, you guessed it- from MEAN GIRLS http://www.thenews.org

and how to work it than a lunchroom full of teenage girls.

And then another woodwork woman, a writing coach with whom I’m working, we skype, she teaches, I bask in the excitement of her budding, self-driven, clear sighted, promising career.  Her smile, the outward proof of a sincere and positive light blooming inside her, says it all.  She’ll succeed.

She’s about to learn social media the quick and swift way, and it’ll probably spin her head big time, leave her overly-organized self breathless, when she bravely dons her producer hat this month at Cannes and takes her ideas, and the company she runs with a friend, SPARKLIGHT, viral on Twitter… reporting on a movie she’s repping; on one in post production she hopes film festivals will pick up; on a project idea for which she needs backers; and even on a SPARKLIGHT film to be shown in the Cannes Short Film Corner, “Get Low.”

So back to me.  It’s May.  Winter’s long forgotten.  I could go on and on about the women converging near me now, about this flood of springtime excitement.  I’ll instead point directly to the link, above, and suggest, AmericanBeauty2“Ain’t it great there’s festivals and sich fer ladies to stretch their muscles, since if there weren’t, they’d shore be rustling’ some up right fast and probably creating quite the stir.  Woman underutilized, left below the surface, scorned, as it were, ‘n all…”

Or, more sedately said, “Let’s open our cumulative eyes to what’s around us and realize there’s so much of value being offered by women, as they bloom, and bloom, are encouraged to bloom.”

director Jennifer Siebel Newsom, from http://www.reacttofilm.com


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