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scott myers

fr., hope okay, Scott-

Here is a blog post from a friendly industry insider which discusses questions that came up last night during a tweet fest he sponsored.  In clear, objective English, Scott outlines how he thinks the question of women in screenwriting should “go” in his live twitter conversation among strangers.  Please have a read.

This article is enlightening regarding women in the industry beyond the immediate date and event to which it refers.  Also, it is very revealing of Mr. Myers.

What’s my take-away?   Scott Myers is okay to feature on a woman-centric blog.

He’s been extremely “tweet-kind” when I’ve interacted with him on the basically blind format of Twitter.  And he is right on top of topics even before they actually get hot.  Hm.  A hotness predictor?  Useful sorta guy.

Hey, shout-out to all of you who did enter the Nicholl contest, sponsored by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences to “identify and encourage talented new screenwriters.”

One in four of the entrants this year was a woman.  Have a read:

Under-Representation of Women in Screenwriting | Go Into The Story.


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