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Chillingly following up on my last post- I heard, from the dear young woman who manages our small town’s gosh honest right-on-Main-street family friendly ice-cream parlor, and who expects her first child in the fall, why she’d have preferred today’s ultrasound prove her little “grape” a boy child.

fr. bentnorthrup.org

fr. bentnorthrup.org

She manages a bunch of women and teenagers.  They’re like family to one another.  They work together beautifully behind the counter serving up sandwiches, ice-cream cones, gossip and a feeling of home for anyone who needs it.  Even homeless people stop by for a rest, a drink of water, a sandwich on the house.  Very like Mayberry RFD, come to think.  Any child she has will be coddled beyond reason and raised up happy behind that counter.  She knows this. Yet her eyes sorta bugged at the thought of a girl.  Why? I asked.  It’s wonderful news, honey.

It was not easy for me,

growing up as a girl, she said.  

I wanted a boy.  

I wanted his life to be better.

Now, this woman is not yet thirty.  Last I checked, this is 2013.  Can I express to you how far my heart sank, looking into her eyes and understanding she was dead serious?  What, I am left to wonder, in hell happened to that a young woman?  Damn.  It’s not for me to know, or ask.  I’ll just keep visiting her there and appreciating her sandwiches as always.

I feel obliged to mention a movie here, though; to justify this post on this blog.  Okay, comes to mind THE WAITRESS.  Who’d not want to be that little girl…

Or maybe there’s no justification needed.  Just a question.  What can we in the world of friends, mothers, sisters, employees, influencers, heroes, media giants, writers, directors and women in film, DO through the written-spoken-filmed and marketed word so that young mothers trust the world they’re bringing their baby girls into, know that that world more’n likely will treat those sweet ones just fine?

This young woman’s not from a third world country, a background of awfulness, anything that might have clearly driven her fears for the girl child.  But something got to her.  Something real. To the degree that we can “spin” positive information to and about women for women, by god, I think we’d best get behind that effort.

It’s too far into the new century for a young woman to have these fears.


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