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I have been searching all over the internet, the newspapers and whatever else wafted my way on the least substantial threads and sounded like information about women, strong women, being women in the face of realistic and/or perceived inequalities in the mass media industry in order to post stories of note.

I’ve even been struggling to write my own stories about women who scale “Olympus’ and then relax, on top, in their own private sunshines.  Far off, unreachable, famous women.  Film industry women, movie stars, fictionalized, fantasy like women.  Women we’ll never know.

And then yesterday I looked beside me, in my little convertible, racing down the country road towards our adopted town- a woman with whom I was discussing just how far women have come and whether they’ve come substantially farther since the seventies or just stalled out.  She “worked in a bank”, she said, a man’s world.  Was quite important there, it seems, for a woman who graduated college in 1968.

And then I asked her why she “did what she did”, a follow up question to some chat about finding happiness, regardless of career.

The road divided into four lanes.  I looked away from her, merging the car, waiting for a pat response, and instead, got this, without any hesitation on her part:  “I did it to make it easier for other women.”

“Did you really just say that,” I shot back.


“And mean it?”

“Completely seriously.”

Wow.  There sat beside me a woman Olympus should INVITE up for a spell in the sun.

Hey all ya’ll out there in women-wanna-be-equal land (that includes me)- you’re welcome for this story and the truth of it, too.


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