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photo-32RAISING 5 KIDS WITH DISABILITIES.  Not for the faint of heart.  Probably for the HUGE of heart.

I’m humbled because the author of a Raising 5 Kids With Disabilities and Remaining Sane Blog read and responded positively to my post featuring a sculpture by one of Norway’s celebrated sculptors, Gusrav Vigeland.  It’s one where stone children cling all over a monumental stone mother.  I considered it a humorous commentary on mothering; a gentle joke over how hard mothering is.  How unglamorous.

The author of the 5Kids blog knows hard and unglam, too, and is generous enough to look beyond the difficulties she faces in mothering.  Maybe even doesn’t see difficulties at all.

Since starting my own blog, I’ve become film and entertainment obsessed.  I’ve dipped real low in my “research”, in spite of trying only to comment on the better shows, the more meaningful artists and happenings.  But as I slip into google generated industry overload, I slip, too, into watching fluff (ARGH) and wondering.  Why am I watching the Kardashians?  Is this stuff “Okay”, like being kind to strangers and other ethically and morally sound “okay” things are.  OUCH?!?!

The 5kids blog put me, and it might put Hollywood, too, for all of us, into perspective.



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