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I had no IDEA!  Until I started tweeting and “met” Debbie Moon, whose British television show, WOLFBLOOD, just won an award from the Royal Television Society and is filming a second season in 2013. Debbie claims she was in a book store and the words, “wolf” and “blood” sorta jumped out and grabbed her idea-mind.  She later brainstormed as one of a few writers chosen to pitch new TV series ideas, and now she’s got a following, an award, and a pack of television wolf kids to call her own!

I have never seen the show.  I can’t endorse or review it.  But I can weigh in on how great an idea it sounds.  Aimed at a teenage audience, the stars, according to Wikipedia (you’ve definitely arrived if you find yourself THERE) are:  “Blessed with extraordinary speed, agility, and senses even when in human form (and) they find their abilities very useful in negotiating the turmoil of teenage life.”

Kids who belong to a race of wolfbloods who help each other, and real people, survive puberty.  Now, there’s a concept.  I laugh, thinking how appropriate that a woman developed this show.  I remember trying to mother (aka kindly coerce) my teens towards adulthood, and had I the benefit of Debbie’s imagination back then, just for one moment; had I sensed how much easier and more interesting all that angst and aggressive immaturity would be if they could simply grow a fang and fight it out themselves, with pseudo-sexy snarls interspersed, of course, so the family photo album would have nice shots later… I’d have definitely been a much kinder, gentler, more tolerant mom.  Fewer frown wrinkles now.  And let’s not overlook the greatest part of wolfblood kids.  I’d be a wolfblood MOM!

Well done, Debbie.  I look forward to watching a few episodes.


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