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Culture Trends and Hollywood: Motherhood 

Today’s a bonus day for info sifting my way about women in film… info that highlights some pretty Cro-Magnon industry attitudes.

Check out this very measured article by Scott Myers from his GO INTO THE STORY official Screenwriting Blog of the “Black List,” a membership site where industry insiders and wanna-be’s can hook up.  Find each other’s projects- scripts, that is.

Now that that’s clear as mud to everybody but the initiated, here’s a bit he notes about a trend that he calls “momance” (wow, even my computer wanted to force that to read “romance”)…

“…back when show business was ruled by men, the trajectory from girlfriend to wife to mother was a downward, one-way spiral; now there’s more mobility.

That’s partly thanks to actresses like Tina Fey and Kristen Wiig, who defy expectations that men won’t watch movies or shows geared to a female audience,”

(Let me here digress to the nice nude statue writing on the wall in my earlier post about Halle Berry, the post in which the nice nude, whose provenance I hope to track since she is so nice, late 1800’s perhaps, suggests that PEOPLE DO WATCH MOVIES ABOUT WOMEN.  Myers goes on to say:)

“…and also because there is at least one woman running a major studio and lots of female writers, producers and directors who welcome seeing their own concerns — boyfriend, baby, ex-boyfriend — reflected on screen….” 

(Read it here,  Culture Trends and Hollywood: Motherhood | Go Into The Story, while I shop down the perfect picture for the post:)

“…But Hollywood comedies still color inside the lines of conventionality. Once a woman in her 30s gets her man, or can’t find him, then she has to want a baby — or cope with a baby she didn’t plan…”

Thanks, Scott!

Vigeland Sculpture Park, Oslo, photo fr.

Vigeland Sculpture Park, Oslo, photo fr.


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