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fr., with thanks

fr., with thanks

I’m weighing in as the archetypal WISE OLD CRONE today, commenting on an article worth reading, “The Happy Girl v The Cool Girl; Why Audiences Don’t Like Anne Hathaway”, and acknowledging up front that friction (here, Hathaway v Lawrence lovers) sells articles and drives the industry.  There’s gotta be something to write about, right?  And please recall, from an EARLIER POST on this blog, how the beautiful, pleasant and good are ultimately dull and don’t work, dramatically speaking.  

Apparently, the good little girl waiting to dive into her 9th birthday cake, Hathaway, and the cool chick, Lawrence, likened archetypally to the hot mama willing to tolerate her boyfriend’s kinky stuff while tossing back a six pack (man-centric always), is a big point of argument with audiences.  ??

Okay, I say “po tay to”, you say “po tah to”…

But from a larger viewpoint- say, REAL WOMEN influencing their own personal worlds outside of Hollywood, Sundance, film fests and media spin centers- does the article, from WOMEN AND HOLLYWOOD, shed light on something deeply subversive about women’s attitudes towards their cumulative selves?  I thought we might be past all that.  We lived through the seventies, didn’t we?  But here’s a quick quote:

“… the more we pit and compare actresses like Hathaway and Lawrence, position them into these archetypes of femininity and complain about them–the more we box in ourselves and foster a community of female competitiveness which is the last thing we should be doing.”

Particularly when the take away is that the woman most attractive to the guys is the better man.

And further, that being attractive to guys (the audience) is paramount to success.

Is the question at the root of this soft little controversy actually about WOMEN SABOTAGING what’s FEMALE?  I’m guessing the majority of people driving the Hathaway/Lawrence controversy are women.  We’re the ones who judge each other, face it.  If I’m right, why don’t we support BEAUTIFUL, PLEASANT and GOOD as STRONG and WORTHY, too?  Do we all really want to be the bad girls?  Here. Have a read:

The Happy Girl vs. The Cool Girl: Why People Don’t Like Anne Hathaway | Women and Hollywood.


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