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Without it, why should the players play?

I was given a fresh perspective on the importance of being an audience member by friends in the development office of our local art museum.

We were discussing VOLUNTEERS.   Yawn, right?  “Retiree”, “flower arranger”, “meddler” and “Wal-mart greeter” instantly came to mind.  I hushed the negative context of those words away towards the storage area in my brain where Ego and Inner Critic waited, smirking.  And turned towards this:

It seems that volunteers, essentially audience members with special duties, also- and why is this a news flash to me- affect fundraising.

A happy volunteer, one who feels integrated with and vital to the life of the organization for which he or she gives time and effort, may, might, and frequently does also give, or lead others to give, MONEY.  Big money.

Keep your volunteers happy.  Keep your audience happy.  Know your audience.

And who’s half of the audience worldwide?  Um, yep, say it- WOMEN.

So, what makes women happy?  Well, all jokes aside, and in spite of Mel Gibson’s mythical lock on knowing WHAT WOMEN WANT ( ca. 2000.  Wow, that long ago?) the truth is it’s not such a big secret if you just ASK.

Now, I’m off on a tangent, and could roar over equality, statistics, begin to whine, make irrational points (whoa, what a woman thing…), mention sex, chocolate…

Or I could simply state that my friend the development officer can point to the black and white numbers, the literal riches in our museum’s coffer directly related to an audience member’s positive experience as a volunteer.



What’s the film industry without any of the three?

Was that too subtle?


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