OPERA, Hot Shops, STELLA and social media- all in one post

February 20, 2013 § 4 Comments

opera curtainI’ve just had an intense conversation about opera in general,

fr. old-new-orleans.com

fr. old-new-orleans.com

A STREETCAR NAMED DESIRE in particular, which is currently being performed at Norfolk, Virginia’s Harrison Opera House, and the arts scene in our area (Hampton Roads, Virginia) with MARCI FALVEY, Media and Communications Manager for the Virginia Opera.

She’s not only a musician (french horn) but has worked in many cities with arts organizations, including one I want to delve more deeply into, an opera house in Miami where part of the seating was dedicated as media friendly and audience members could interact live – by tweet, Facebook, email- with staffers behind the scenes.  Live feedback, instant info on the good, bad, ugly, the success or failures of what they were viewing.  Now that’s market analysis in the raw.  Who wouldn’t love to be part of that arts critic group.  ASK ME WHAT I THINK WHILE I’M THINKING IT!!!  TELL ME WHY THE DIRECTOR DID THAT RIGHT NOW!  HEY, THE SOPRANO’S SLIP IS SHOWING… like being back in kindergarten with everybody talking and happy to share.  The ultimate solution to selling seats:  interest me in coming back; in the art form itself; in subscribing.  I’ll help fund the coffers because I feel integral to the moment.

Which, ultimately, is what art is about.  Replicating a human moment and having that moment acknowledged by humanity.  The formless by the form; the void by the substance; thought made manifest in brainwaves, into blood, through nerves, ending in an “ah ha” or a smile, a reaction.   Communication across space, across the nothingness that comes before a stage curtain opens and the play starts.

Okay, so I’m very excited over the idea of social media zones at live venues.

from blog.glassquarterly.com

from blog.glassquarterly.com

WHICH BRINGS ME to one local, incredibly LIVE VENUE, the Chrysler Museum of Art’s new Hot Shop, an extremely cool place where full-of-life staffers offer fascinating events free to members and for a nominal fee to the public.  These events include the following.  Check it out.  Nothing to do with my pet theme, portrayals of women in media.  Unless you go for how great it is that the person in charge of the Hot Shop and also the brainchild behind a lot of the performance events held there, since she’s way too vibrant for simply making drinking glasses, is a woman.  A little weak, that segue, but cudos to CHARLOTTE POTTER, the woman, and to the following media coverage… SPOILER ALERT- hot guys in togas and glass corinthian columns…

Third Wednesday — Chrysler Museum of Art.


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